Hoe Downs for Breast Health

Hoe Downs for Breast Health, Heart Health and Better Blood Sugar


How can a 2 minute exercise called Hoe Downs deliver so many results for so many people, regardless of age or fitness level?  Visually it doesn’t look like much, but when you do it you can immediately FEEL the difference and within a week, you can even SEE a difference!


This comprehensive, no-impact, aerobic exercise involves full fiber activation of multiple muscles with equal tension in a repetitive sequence that simultaneously triggers left brain/right brain function, as well as lymphatic flow for breast health.   It’s focus on posture with ribs up and shoulders back, along with knees bent and tailbone tucked, helps the body maximize neuro-kinetic pathways from brain-to-body and mind-to-muscle for optimal results in preventative wellness, fitness and function.


Hoe Downs can be done anytime and anywhere.  This simple sequence is very efficient and effective at increasing heart rate and decreasing blood sugar.   In fact, Prevention Magazine wrote an article about Hoe Downs and stated that it is probably one of the fastest ways to boost energy and eliminate what’s commonly